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The Traitor's Kiss
Product Series: Traitor's Trilogy
Available Formats : Axis 360 eBook, ePUB, In-Browser Reader
Publication Date : 5/9/2017
Publisher : Macmillan
Language : ENG
ISBN : 9781250117939
Synopsis : A first novel in a debut series partially inspired by Jane Austen follows the efforts of brilliant spy and less-than-ideal lady Sage Flower pursuing an apprenticeship with a matchmaker to escape an arranged marriage while collecting information about a group of soldiers and brides amongst rumors of a political uprising. Simultaneous eBook.
File Size : 4.32 MB
Text to Speech Enabled
Audience : Teen - Grade 7-9, Age 12-14

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Sage's guardian wants to marry her off, but her meeting with matchmaker Darnessa goes awry and Sage ends up working as...


Marital and martial matters collide when brides and spies become ensnared in a treasonous plot. A matchmaker's...

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The  Traitor's Kiss eBook
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